"Thank you so much for all that you have done. Words cannot express my appreciation for all your help. Not only have I improved vocally but also with confidence, and that is something I will keep with me when I'm old and still singing Both Sides Now" L.D.


  • "You're the best, without your help who knows how my Leaving Cert would have gone!" Danke, Danke, Danke..hahaha" Mary M.


  • "Excellant vocal coach. I have learned so much about my voice after just two weeks". Adele D.


  • "I have been a student of Laura's for over a year. Within that time my singing ability has constantly progressed. Laura takes a great interest in her students goals and optimistically aids wherever she can. I had always wanted to learn to be a good confident singer and with Laura's vocal coaching and teaching I now have the confidence and ability to sing on stage in front of a live audience" Keith C.


  • "I am very happy to recommed Laura as a teacher. She is SO knowledgable about music, composers, technique etc. Its scary! :) But she is always kind and willing to listen to my point of view. Everyone already knows how great a singer she is. I know I'm lucky to have her as my teacher"  Carol M.


  • "Laura is the best vocal coach I have worked with. She knows so much about every kind of singing and never has a cross word to say.  You're a one off! :)" Sandra L