What will I learn in lessons?

I cover a wide range of musical genres, I can usually tailor the structure of the lesson to suit your needs.

Do I have to study classical music?

As with any genre, classical music is not suitable to everyone. Part of my job involves helping you discover where your voice lies. That could be in folk, pop, jazz, musical theatre, soul, blues or classical music.


How many lessons will I need?

That all depends on what you hope to achieve and how much time you can set aside for practise. Not all of my students are interested in becoming professional musicians, some are taking lessons in connection with their Junior and Leaving certificate music exams. Others find that individual lessons helps build their confidence in preparation for local concerts and events, and some students take lessons entirely for their own enjoyment.
For those interested in professional singing it’s important to bear in mind that as with any career, to reach a professional standard takes many many years of study and dedication. To become a confident and skilled performer involves the study of technique, artistry, creativity, stage practise, development of the musical mind and working with other musicians. 


How often are lessons held?

Usually weekly lessons are most appropriate. That way I can keep a regular eye on your progress and reinforce new good singing habits.

What will I need for lessons?

As each lesson usually includes an element of working on technique through scales, I insist that all students have something to record the lesson. Usually a dictaphone is most suitable, but a good quality mobile phone (with at least a half hour recording time) can also suit. 

I have an extensive library of sheet music but it is also important for students to be able to source their own sheet music, through the internet etc.

It’s essential to have a regular singing notebook, where we can keep an account of your progress and note areas for improvement.


It’s hard for me to sing in front of others?

It’s hard for EVERYONE to sing in public, especially in the beginning. Gaining the confidence to stand up and sing, even at a family gathering is something we will work on together.


Do you take adult learners?

Of course, I have worked with students ranging from 8 to well over 21....…shall we say :-) 