Workshops and Short Courses for Primary Schools

The Singers Studio is now offering workshops/short courses aimed at developing children’s musical skills and knowledge. As well as covering key areas of the Music curriculum each option links directly with other areas of the Primary Curriculum.

Options:  Each of the options below are available as one-off workshops or as short courses over a period of 4-6 weeks depending on each schools individual needs.

A) Singing

-learn a variety of warm-up exercises

-develop correct singing technique

-develop skills in simple part singing and unison singing

-sing harmony, counter melodies etc. 

B) The Great Composers 

-Investigate the lives of the great composers of the past

-Explore their countries of origin and how their environment influenced their works

-Respond technically to their music

-Learn to sing in a European language

-Linked with History, Religion and Geography


C) Opera and the Orchestra 

-What is Opera and who are its famous singers (past and present)?

-Explore vocal technique

-Learn about the families of instruments and their weird histories!

-Become proficient at basic note reading

-Linked with English, History and Maths 


D) Musical Genres

-What are the different musical genres, how do they relate to each other?

-Era studies through the world map

-“Gory histories of music”

-Learn note reading and elements of song

-Linked with English, History, Religion, Maths and Geography


E) Irish Music-Our Ancient Musical Traditions 

-Explore Irish traditional singing and playing -

-Storytelling of the great collections of Irish music (where did they come from?, how did they live?)

-Regional musical distinctions of Ireland's provinces through history.

-Linked with Irish, History and Geography


F) Musical Theatre- When Music and Lyrics Collude 

-How has musical theatre developed and changed since its 19th century origins?

-Perform a scene from a musical

-Learn musical notation

-Linked with Drama, English, History and SPHE